Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stickers to purchase on Line Chat app

Everyone who is close to me knows I loveeeee the linechat app very very much. I go there so much more often than Whatsapp because my bf, my family, and most of my close friends are on Line.

What I love most about line, are their stickers! I started off with line characters and now I have moved on to purchasing creators stickers. *gasp* can't believe I'm paying for virtual stickers. But they are so adorable! I shall share some of the cute and funny ones that I like using!

I'm only posting a screenshot of some of the stickers in each set. There are around 40 stickers in each set :)

Non-Line Character versions:

This is puzzle coin hunter. So adorable!!!
The top right and bottom left are my favourite.

Some more of this kitty. I like the "please..." one and the hugging cushion one and the "no". Hehe.

The other cat on this list, is Meow Zhua Zhua. There are several sets available in Singapore: Not sure why 4 and 6 are missing though. How sad!

Below: First row third and last row third. Hahahaha. So suay step on shit. Lol.

I love how dramatic this cat is!

Below: 2nd row third one, cry until so Kelian. Haha.

This is the newly released one of ancient palace meow zhua zhua. The moment I posted the sticker in my group chat, half of them purchased immediately. Lol. We have been using it so much! So apt for daily conversations.

I super love the creators of meow zhua zhua for making the stickers so dramatic! Looking forward to each new sticker launch!

This one is "little girl" by pinecone. Another one with dramatic expressions. Hehe. Easy to use in convos too!

MisaQ. Super cute. Two sets in total! Got one she is eating rice from the rice cooker. Also super cute but not in this screenshot.

This one is "annoying kid". Can only use on people who knows hokkien. But super fun cos got one sticker (not in screenshot) called 哩甲赛啦! Lol.

Tumurin. There are two different sets and I bought both. Cute leh this snail! Haha. Got pet dog de. Lol. And check out how he can even come out of his shell when he is feeling hot and when he bathes. Spot the one where he cleans his "house"!

Little Kid~ Cute!

I've got loads more but I'm lazy to screenshot and upload already.

I mostly like those dramatic and Taiwanese expressions de. Some that I have are "redhood bunny", "Pura the turtle", "Ms red bean", "Chloe hamster", "White babe", "Pokapoka friends",
The little girl 2", "Call me your majesty" etc. Any recommendations for cute stickers do let me know!

Line-character versions:

In addition to free line-characters stickers, there are also some payable line stickers that are cute and useful for daily use too.

For example, "cony's happy work life"

Checkout the one in the middle removing makeup! It's so me!!!! Hahahah and the top right corner is me whenever I reach home after a long day at work. And I always use bottom left when I tell people I'm watching tv. The expressions are all so real!

"Moon's dieting special". Super love the sticker where he looks miserably at his plate of veggies!

Absolute favourites are those lovey dovey ones of brown and cony.


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