Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tanjong Beach Club

Before playing with the dolphins, we went to Tanjong Beach Club at Sentosa for lunch!

Ice Lemon Tea ($8++), always good for a sunny day. These days I love ordering Iced Teas - refreshing for the weather!

Beachside dining is awesome!

The day beds by the pool were very tempting, but the weather was quite hot that day and bf wanted to sit inside. Such a nice and relaxing place for a Sunday afternoon.

For sides, we had a bowl of good and fragrant truffle fries ($15++).

Bf and his prime ribeye ($55++), as always.

I was initially so close to ordering the Maine Lobster ($30/$60++) but eventually chose blueberry pancakes ($18++) but when I saw Eggs Benedicts ($24++) being served to another table, I also want! It was a good choice after all.Yums! Everything was done just the way I like it.

Rootbeer float ($10++)

Blue blue skies~

As I grow up, my priorities changed a lot as well. Some things are not as important anymore, and now I seek peace and health for myself and loved ones. Nothing matters more than being healthy, peaceful, and happy, surrounded by family, friends, and a man who loves me. I am currently going through a transition period in my life and while I am excited about the new journey ahead, I also hope that this change is for the better! Of course, there will be people I miss, but everyone's gotta accept that good times pass and things change. I am not sure if thing will continue the same way it has been for the past year, but while it lasted it was definitely one of the best times I had.

These days I spend my free time watching movies and catching up with friends over dinner. Three highly recommended movies are San Andreas, Jurassic World, and Minions! If only I can find time to catch up on my dramas and Taiwanese variety shows too.

Need more time! I have been very preoccupied with my personal life recently that I have no time to blog as regularly as usual~ I know sometimes my entries have no point and is super boring due to writers' block but I still post because I want to keep all these for my own memory. For the past few years I seem to have super horrible memory to the point I am starting to wonder if this is even normal for my age.

Anyway, Till next time!

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