Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I have been up to:

- ALOT. I've been going out with the boyfriend and my friends alot and I've taken so many pictures but havent had time to sort them out thus I'm now making do with blogging in just words! But then I got nothing much to blog about because all that I need to blog about requires my pictures! Do wait for my entries okay, I'm sure you all will love those long picturey ones!

- WORK. It has been a really hectic week and my past few days revolved entirely around it. From 4am in the morning to past midnight -.-" I wish I am able to share about my work with my readers because it's so exciting and I'm sure many of you are interested to see pictures and know more, but I can't :( Oh well, it's really difficult for me to keep this all in because I'm so used to sharing everything about my life on my blog... Sigh!!

- WHATELSE? Nothing much now that the project is over. I'm just really exhausted and I hope to get some rest but I can't because I have activities packed till next week. Bahhhhh.

- WHAT AM I EATING NOW? Double Mcspicy. I really like Mcspicy without veggies and cream. Even the order taker near my workplace can memorise my order without me even opening my mouth. Lol. Both the lunch and breakfast ordertaker. For breakfast I like the sausage mcmuffin with extra cheese (omg their cheese are so yummy). Haha ya lah I very mafan de, all my food must be customised.

So anyway,
Millywalker has launched two new collections recently! Seriously, she updates faster than I can blog. Hahaha! Good for you shoppers!

I think you girls are heading to several parties this christmas right, and I'm sure none of you want to turn up with the same dress as another girl. And so, you should totally shop at Millywalker for your xmas dress. Their designs are always unique and different from those commonly found outside. I spotted afew pretty party dresses in these 2 collections!

Besides dresses, do check out their bags as well. Nice!!

If you are thinking of a sweet girly christmas with your besties, check out for the dress.

Feminine and trendy choices for you to choose from~ This is just one of them, head over to now to see the rest :)

Oh gosh. I'm really feeling very tired. All I want to do now is hug my pillow and sleep on my lovely soft bed. Zzzzzzzz.

But I can't.

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