Sunday, December 12, 2010

Are you in the same generation as me?

Do you remember?? Hehe!
(This entry is for those who are born around the same years as me and also for myself to 'hui wei')

I attended one of the live screening at the studio of Liang Xi Mei before too! The buildings at the window is fake one! And the rooms fake one also. Lol. I remembered that Liang Xi Mei was the only show that my mum let me watch when I was in Kindergarten.

Besides sitcoms, I also loved watching local dramas when I was younger. I remember that I used those big tape to record all the theme songs and replay to write down the lyrics. I wonder if the tape is still around hahaha.

Which ones of these you all watch before?
(Some I embed the videos here, some I linked it to their

阳光列车 - 1995

东游记 1998

笑傲江湖 2000

我来也 2001

浓浓咖啡乌 2002

I went to learn how to sing this song last time!
河水山 2002

春到人间 2002

Last time I always sing with my sister. CHA SHAO BAO~~~

双天至尊III 2002
I went to learn how to shake dice in cups and showed off to my childhood friends. Lol.

I can sing this one also ok!
2003 - 1加1等于3

2003 - 我家四个宝

孩有明天2 . 2004

跑吧!男人 2004
This was one of my favourite!! Edmund Chen is so charming! I wonder why he doesn't act in any of the new dramas anymore.

This drama was super funny!
非一般妈妈 2004

我爱我家 2004

阴差阳错 2005
This show's theme was very unique, very interesting!

And and and 九层糕!!!!! The song not so nice so I never post the video. But the drama was nice!

And 考试家族, 同一屋檐下, 三十风雨路 and still got alot more!


I miss the days when Jacelyn Tay, Huang Bi Ren and Ivy Chen were still acting :(

Hahaha i think out of all my readers, only 1% will appreciate this entry!!

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