Saturday, December 18, 2010

A budget staycation :)

A Budget Staycation
(aiya, chalet say chalet lah! act-yi-ge staycation!! lol. )

The pillows at Costa Sands resort were really comfy!!! I don't know whether it's because I was too tired or because it really had the right amount of bounce. Anyway, my mum stole my lovely pillow in the middle of the night cos not enough for everyone. Hmmph.

The best part about chalets is the BBQ part. Nothing better than 'unlimited' flow of BBQ chicken wings, stingray, etc.

We had lots of food!
Stingray, satay, sambalsotong, chickenwing, currychicken, otah, porkchop, prawn, hotdog, tw sausage, n cheese hotdog!!

On the first night, we had grandpa, grandma, and my parents friends.

Me and my sis.

Mum's self-marinate pork chop is damn yummy!!

My top is from theblogshop!

It's not very often that I see my sis from this height. Lol. In fact, she looks cuter this way. She should be short. So tall for what, everyone thought that she's the elder one!

The night was short because I was so tired from work.

This is the view I woke up to in the morning :D

Me and sis went for our morning swim!

We woke up abit too late and it was scorching hot. I was so worried for my face so I kept facing one direction (the one that's not facing the sun) throughout. Lol.

For your info, I can't swim. Hahaha. But I like to soak in the water.

Was very tired when we came out of the pool. Don't know why!! Had our breakfast.

We went to walk around Downtown East and played this scratchnwin game at SingaporePools. Cheap fun hehe. Imagine if I so heng I win the $10,000!! But no leh, we only won like $3 and $2.

Then we played this bumperboat thingy cos my little cousin like very gian to play lydat. She twisted the question and asked me "Ni xiang wan mah?" -___- I meanly replied "bu xiang."
Lol. She ask me that question in the hope that if i want to play then she can play also.

It was quite fun!! Each person around $6. Money well spent. (cos not i pay. hahaha)

Walked pass and found this swinging chair at a food court!!

Time for lunchie!

My grandparents :)

We could see this from our chalet. My grandpa laughed at the people lugging their large float up the flight of stairs just to slide down for less than 1 min.

Time for PLAY!!!

We tried all the rides once only. Haha. What happened to all the fun rides that we had when I was in secondary school??

The go-kart was the best! Previously I sat in one together with SX and he drove, but this time I drove myself!

We tried kiapping toys but kiap bu dao. :(

Acting cute while waiting for my sis to change coins for neoprints hehe.

Show you all the neoprint pics next time!

And back to BBQ-ing!!

All otah and hotdog.. LOL. This is cos I took afew pics at the start of our bbq then I kept my camera already.

See the floors so wet, cos there was heavy downpour when we just started bbq-ing!! But luckily our pot of curry chicken covered the charcoal, so our fire kept burning till the rain stopped. Dad was very proud of it cos he was the one who set up the fire -____-

Everyone concentrating on food.


Do you think I look like my mum or my dad? When I was younger people say I look like dad (cos of my toodtood spects, super flat nose (much worse than now), and super thick lips (which is alot thinner now) but when I grew older people say I look like my mum.

I think that when I take out my makeup my eyes look like my mum's, and I have her slight overbite as well. My nose and mouth remain like my dad's.

But looking at this picture below, I feel that I look neither like any of them!!! Makeup does wonders ^^

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