Thursday, December 30, 2010

拥有了世界却输掉拥抱, 有什么值得炫耀

梦抓不到, 所以谁都想要.

Yesterday I watched my very first episode of 破天网. It's a wonder why when we watch "爱", even though it's slow paced and draggy, we would still stick our eyes to the screen with interest, but when the same thing is applied in this drama, I felt bored within 10 minutes...

I continued watching almost the whole episode anyway. I feel that everything about this drama (pace/acting/videography) kinda differs from the usual local dramas.... I think I prefer how we usually do it. For example, epic dramas like 三十风雨路, 河水山, Together, 黄金路, etc are all very well done.

However, I like the theme song for Breakout. The lyrics very meaningful!

爱 还不了
所以 无可救药
多少人 在结束后
用遗憾 寻找

梦 抓不到
所以谁都 想要
又能解开 多少

以为 一切得到
谁能 分辨得好

谁不想 飞得比天高
谁不想挣脱 天网的牢
最华丽的情调 比不上那微笑
很多时候 我们需要依靠

谁不想 飞得比天高
谁不想世界 为你而绕
最单纯的感动 却忘了去寻找
拥有了世界 却输掉拥抱
有什么 值得炫耀

Update: After finishing the entire series, I love this drama!

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