Monday, December 6, 2010

Did you all like reading my staycation entries? Tonight me and my family are going to have a budget staycation~ Follow me on twitter or wait for my blog entry to see what's the budget staycation! Hahaha. Budget or not, it's good to have some getaways.

Please help me wish that tonight and tomorrow won't have rain. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I checked the weather forecast and it seems like it WILL rain. :(

I got sick last night, and it was a horrible timing because I felt the symptoms since last week and thought I could hold it till this getaway was over. BUT it came just right on the dot!!

Freezing now even though I have two jackets on.


Damsels Most Wanted

Look at my new hello kitty ring! Cute right! It is made of clay and not plastic. There are many different versions of the kitty ring in their gallery. If you or your friend likes hello kitty, this ring could be a good and affordable x'mas present!

If your friend is more "cool" than "cute", you can consider giving her this Chanel inspired ring which is also made of clay! There are a variety of other rings like gold buttons, kawaii candies, etc.

DamselsMostWanted is unique in a way that they name their accessories according to "The Strangler" (necklace), The Lobe Ripper (earring), The Wrist Slayer (bracelet), The Fiddler (rings). Lol very creative hor? And they put all this creativity into crafting their accessories as well!

DamselsMostWants has just revamped into a new layout, more intuitive with drop-down menu buttons. Everything is made more compact so that viewing is made a pleasure!

You can also customize X'mas/b'day presents for your loved ones- handcrafted jewelry is definitely a very thoughtful choice as you can personalize it according to what you think your friend would like.

I also chose these earrings for myself. Aren't they pretty??

The earrings are made of rhodium materials, leverback earrings with diamante, ribbon connectors, heart-shape tensha bead from japan, strawberry quartz and moulin rouge charms.

These earrings can also be turned into a necklace with 2 pendants. You all can request the same too for customizations! One more part that I really like about this necklace? It comes with a toggle clasp, so that it is easier to wear than a traditional lobster/parrot clasp. I no longer have to ask people to wear my necklace for me already!

They also provide pretty gift bags, very good for people like me who is so bad at wrapping gifts but still want to give my presents in a presentable way. I got my accessories in a pretty red hearty giftbag!

Join their Facebook page and Mailing list for promotions/discounts/new launches!

Also, if you would like to have a closer look at the jewelry, join them for flea markets almost every Saturday in Dec!

Head over to their site for more information.

No more x'mas gift blues!~!

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