Monday, December 27, 2010

Hot & Cold

Hot & Cold

After having a hot day at pulau ubin, we went cold cold cold ice-skating!!! Hahaha both of us do not know how to ice-skate at all!!

Before that, we had dinner at this coffeeshop which has the best western chops I ever ate! It is near hougang mall and I didn't believe it would be this good when SX recommended it.

I got quite impatient cos they took such a long time to serve our order but I think the way is WORTH IT!!

I had mix grill.
Got chicken, pork, lamb, butter potato, and sunny side up!
Wah, if got grill prawn and grill sotong and grill fish even better!! OMG i'm so greedy~

Head over to Kallang Leisure Park! I hate that it is so inaccessible.


Must wear gloves ^^

I wore an extra jacket over my pulau ubin outfit and leggings under my shorts! So now I'm fully protected, even if I fall I won't kena scratch :) *kiasi

Kept all our stuff in the locker so no picture on ice. Bad news is, at the end of the session we still havent learn how to skate. Good news is, both of us did not fall! (Of course lah, holding on to the railing 90% of the time mah lol)

Some milo after it!

I love such vending machines. The portion is just right to quench thirst. Can't finish a normal can of drink!

SX felt hungry, so we had some snacks at Burger King.

SX eating burger.

Closeup of SX eating burger. Haha.

And icecream -_- Eat so much, I wonder why he's not fat.

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