Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Haunted House Project

Watched "The Haunted House Project" with SX. I prefer to watch horror movies with my boyfriend than a friend, because I need to feel "safe" and grab onto someone when the scary parts come on. And I cannot do that to a friend right, later they think I want eat their tofu. Hahaha.

So anyway, to be honest, when I was watching the first half of this korean movie, I felt that it was very similar to haunted changi (minus the Singapore flavour) and the blair witch project. It is about a footage found, which was what the missing victims (3 young filmmakers and 3 ghostbusters/ghost forum members, videoed for their documentary before being attacked.

What I found interesting was that at several parts of the movie, you could see subtle signs of ghost, for example you can see a woman in the mirror for a second. Then there are cat eyes glowing in the dark. And the young girl who got possessed and twisted her body (this was super eerie).

I told SX that if I were to get trapped in such a spooky dark place at night alone, I think I would sit one corner and cover my eyes and hope to fall asleep. I won't dare to explore or find my way out lor!!

A little spoiler and a little warning, at some parts a closeup scary face would appear so you should cover your eyes with your hands whenever you feel that something is going to happen. I was glad I managed to escape most of that, so I didn't really got very scared by the movie.

After the movie, me and SX went to have dinner!! Wanted to have bak kut teh but I dont really like the white peppery kind. I prefer the brown herbs kind, but dont have! So SX introduced me to this chicken rice place which I HAVE TO INTRO TO YOU ALL COS IT'S DAMN GOOD.

It's called Loy Kee Chicken Rice, near shaw plaza, balestier road.

Our meal in total was $22+.

We ordered chicken rice for 2, which comes with the veggies and a bowl of small tofu soup (which is very yummy). The rice was fragrant and not sticky (the grains are all separated). The chicken was good. We also ordered watercress soup, which was damn nice as well! The watercress was sweet and the meat was soft and the soup was full of flavour.

It's like the best chicken rice I ever ate. Okay, maybe that chicken rice in that coffee shop opposite my secondary school was nicer, but the watercress soup here is superb!!

You all must go try one day.

This is SX haolian-ing about his blood donation -_-

And happily drinking coffee.

And I got home to two very happy doraemons :D

I think it's time to donate some t-shirts to SX. Ever since I forbid him to wear his red adidas shirt cos he kept wearing it every single time he meets me, he starts wearing this white adidas shirt every single time he meets me -_-

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