Sunday, December 19, 2010

Magic Carpets?

Had a little meet up session with my girls just afew days ago. We went to Arab st wanting to try sheesha and sit on floormats to have the authentic "feel" but we ended up on the other spectrum --- indoor + comfy sofa seats. Lol!

We went to Haji Lane first to shop at THEBLOGSHOP.

They have plenty of travel bags in store now!

Unique and pretty aren't they? :)

We headed off to look for food after awhile because we were so hungry!

We finally anyhowly settled on Nasrin. Good choice!

I love the furnishings. Very turkish and unique!

We ordered 3 dishes to share.
Nadia ordered this for us to dip. The bread is nice! The two puddles are actually sauces.

This is mutton kebab. I think it's really yummy, and has a taste that is not easily found elsewhere.

And our chicken kebab! I'm so happy that all the dishes we ordered were good. This chicken kebab is so yummy that I've been craving for it everyday since. It's juicy and flavoursome. See the rice? It's so thin I didn't know it's rice! Quite interesting, never saw such rice before.

A group picture afterwards. I really love our girly meetup sessions :) Can chat about all girls stuff.

My cheery heart pink dress is from theblogshop.

Till next time.

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