Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sauceink's new issue is out!! It has been long-awaited and I read it as soon as I received it. In the issue it includes more pictures of our staycation holiday (my entries: 1, 2, 3), interesting fashion articles, Fidelis beauty tips, and also, Valerie is the cover model with a feature interview!

You can read the issue in full screen at my sidebar :)


I received some cute stuff in my mail some days back!

All these are sent to me by

A christmas ring! I wonder if they'll have angbao rings when CNY comes ^^ Can use it to hint hint the aunties and uncles :p

Check out my set of PLASTERS!!
I immediately fall in love with this when I saw it on their web. Post-its in the form of plasters? Cute!

There are also many other cute post its. Be the cutest in your office haha. Or if you don't use them, can collect also!

I've got a plaster on my hand!

Paste it on magazines~

Next, border stickers! Paste those triangle stickers on scrapbooks to create a friendship gallery. This way, you do not spoil your polaroids by gluing them onto the paper. Also, the photo can be taken out as and when you like. I think it is very useful! Got black color also.

Clear base stickers to decorate polaroids and paper base stickers to paste on diaries, notebooks, etc. I still reluctant to use them cos all so cute!

Next up is the jelly lens.

Attach it to digicam... Should be able to work for any digicams.

Fish eye/wide lens effect!

Explore the other cute stuff at

Oh ya, before I go, Millywalker is having their year end sale! Do check out their website to find the perfect dress for your New Year countdown! End the year fabulously!

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