Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Zealand is not just about Ice Cream

New Zealand Naturals

I was so excited when I received the invitation to attend this event. When I knew Jacelyn and Nadia had rsvp-ed as well, I brought my sister along and she was bursting with enthusiasm!

Picture with the girls first! :D

Imagine my surprise when we were served these instead of icecream!

The boss and the chef giving a talk about their sandwiches and wraps.

I had cranberry lime. It is quite nice! And also quite special to drink from such bottles.

I'm not a very salad person, so I can't tell you how this tasted like.

The carrot slices remind me of yusheng :p

I tried the sandwiches and I loved these!!!
Love the fillings of this sandwich, which includes yummy bacon and egg! How I wish they sell this at 7-11 instead of those veggie types.

Omg I'm craving for it right now!

This one has additional ham.

Another version. Ham & Cheese.

This one is something else but I don't remember what it is.

Steak sandwiches

So many choices right? And these are good for healthy meals cos it can make one very full too! I ate only afew pieces and I was super full after that.

Besides sandwiches... soups!
Love the bits at the top.

Pumpkin soup which I didn't try.

I like the one below. It is somehow abit like chinese soup.


Trying to take picture of my bareback dress but failed. Haha.

Finally..... ICECREAM.

Nadia eager to eat liao but all of us still taking picture!

Borrowed her big spectacles. How do I look?

Time for games!!
Remember the rubber game??? The one where you push until it overlaps your opponent's eraser. I remember it was very popular game to play when I was in primary school!

Guess what these group won.

Yep, the icecream-speed eating contest!

They had to choose two flavours and they chose sorbets so that it is easier. So many scoops, and 3 person per team have to gulp it down!

This was another group's strategy. To squash the icecream.

They failed -_- They were the last group and was lagging far behind.
Lesson of the day: Don't squash your icecream like that. Lol.

The winning group's strategy?
To cut half scoop and eat it at one go!

Is icecream faster to eat when in liquid form or when in solid form?

Anyway, my pretty yellow dress is from theblogshop! The belt too!

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