Friday, December 3, 2010

A girly staycation part 2

Staycation Part 2!

After doing makeup and manicures, it's time to take pictures!!

First up, let me introduce our sponsors for the night.

And if you realised, each set has their own style! Which is your favourite?

CREDITS: - Striped tube dress - Navy blue slouchy - Chiffon Cardi-blazer - BCBG Inspired Drape Dress - Harel Pearl Dress Love this gold dangly earring that they customised for me.

This necklace was also customised for me by MYNT :)

Here are some pictures taken in between the shots!

Fell in love with this dress the moment I set my eyes on it. Fidelis also took the same piece, but in pink!

This is Nadia's favourite piece! Looks damn sexy with those spects!

I chose this green dress for dinner cos they all say nice!

Picture with Jacelyn :)

And it's dinner time! Jacelyn and Nadia took the complimentary dinner at the hotel but they said it was disappointing.

Me, Fidel and Sabrina went for indian food at Far east plaza!


Love the prawn masala! Last time I always come to this restaurant alone when I'm shopping at Far east.

My chicken soup was over-peppery that night though.

Back at the hotel, the two girls were already done with dinner and giving marble nails a 2nd try!! Failed again though lol.

Looks cute though.

Picture time again!! My favourite hobby is taking pictures... of myself. Lol!

Ladies in Black!

Sabrina looks very different with makeup!! Heard that she was quite popular at the club that night hehe. Too bad cannot see her sexy bareback in this picture!!

Nadia in her favourite piece again. Looking good! Me the photographer mah :p

Can't stop taking shots of myself because the camera was being nice to my face that night!

A picture of my favourite piece :)

SX called cos he was already below the hotel. Looking down and waving to him lol.

Picture of these two ladies in black with red lips. I think it's a nice picture! I TAKE THE PHOTO ONE. Lol.

After I went home (damn my curfew!!!), the girls went to have a hot night out at the clubs. They went back to the hotel at 5AM -_-" They all sibei hiong.

Wow so many pictures already. Guess I'll have to continue about the next morning in the next entry!

Ending off with my favourite staycation picture!!

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