Saturday, December 11, 2010


Some random picture updates :)

This dress is from theblogshop. Love drapey dresses recently.

I went to Tangs to buy new cosmetics from M.A.C cos I finished using my favourite black eyeshadow! I usually use carbon matte. It's very black and dense.

I love Paragon, and the whole stretch of orchard road that leads down to it. I had alot of beautiful memories while working there. I think that the fengshui there got along very well with my luck because I remembered those days as very happy ones. I was living a carefree and fufilled life. My 'tao hua yun' and friendships were great during the period I frequently went there. I also earned more at that time.

And it was there I met SX ^^

Till now whenever I pass by Paragon, I still have that tingly gush of memories flowing back to me. I felt an attachment to this place because many things in my life happened there.

Do you all have a place you fondly remember of as well?

Anyway, after buying my eyeliner, I sat down to have ice-coffee.

If you are intending to do your hair, try Essensuals at Bugis Village above Burger King! I dyed my hair again, show you all my new hair color some time soon.

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