Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hair with a pretty color ^^

I went to redye my hair cos got black roots already! And Xmas is coming so I must look good for my dinner date. And New Year is also coming so I must welcome it with new hair colour. Heh. & CNY and Valentines. It's the season of festivals!!

And so, Essensuals Bugis has this new promo. Got lucky draw! Are you lucky??

Lots of new colors! I chose dark ash in the end. I think it was the one with a star below. If not, it's the one above it. Haha!


Ginna carefully applies the hair dye on my hair bit by bit to ensure full coverage.

This machine is damn cute! It FLAPS!!!! Lol. It just flaps slowly up and down while heating my hair to have maximum effect for the dye.

After time is up, my hair was washed and massaged! I LOVE HAIR MASSAGES!!!! It's so shuang!! I was abit reluctant when I felt the girl finishing up on clearing my hairdye but guess what??? She announced that she's gonna do my hair treatment at the basin. I was like "YAY, can have hair massage for abit longer".

It was so pleasant that I almost fell asleep lor! Hehehe. I wish I can wash my hair in salons everyday.

After blow drying my hair, Ginna also cut my fringe into bangs for me. See my pokey eyelashes lol. Is there anyone born with such lashes???


You like the new color? It's darker than before, but got that ash tint. Me love!

See how smooth my hair is? Alot of people thought that I did rebonding before, but guess what? I've NEVER touched rebonding before. Never ever in my 20 years of life I did rebonding before but my hair is so straight I love it!!! It was previously quite dry and frizzy but see what my frequent treatments at Essensual done to my hair? It's so soft and lovely now!!! Now then I know that hair treatments are so important! If got ugly face must change through plastic surgery and kena criticize (by narrow minded people for being unnatural) but if got ugly hair can save via treatments and you'll get all praise instead of criticisms!!!

Drses from theblogshop.
I think that this is the most suitable hair style for me lo! Straight long hair with bangs. I don't think I'll ever change my hairstyle for the rest of my life. Hahaha.

Hair changes how you look ALOT. If you have bad hair, chances are people will think you look bad too. If you have fantastic hair, it does helps your looks alot too!! (remember how I looked when I had that not-long-not-short fluffy bright golden hair???? ugly leh!!)

My hair was done by Ginna. Do ask for her, because she's so happy-looking and friendly and very nice and she gives good advices and she'll listen to your requests de! She did my hair for the POCC pink party, my hair for Essensuals Launch, and now this. She's my recommendation!

She looks like this, in case you forget her name when you reach there lol. Very recognisable one!

Call 6333 0039 now to make appointment!

241A Victoria St, Bugis Village
(above Burger King)

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