Thursday, December 16, 2010

The reason for my bad eyesight.

Momental Book Meme

I was a bookworm when I was younger. I remembered that books played a huge part in my childhood and I loved the library. I still love books, but I don't read them as much anymore.

This is from what I remembered. Not sure if it's accurate.

First Book Read to Me - The Sly Fox and Red Hen
One of my aunties gave me a whole set of ladybird books. This one the first book read from that set. My maid read it to me.

First 3 Fairytale books I had: Cinderella, Snow White & Sleeping Beauty
Because these were the first 3 my mum bought for me, till now I still have the impression that these 3 are the 3 main princess fairytales. Lol.

Before mum bought these fairytales for me, all the books I read were those "Hansel & Gretel", "Ugly Duckling", "Red Riding Hood" category. Don't have love story one! Mum later told me that she didn't want me to know about those lovelove stuff when I'm so young so she didn't bought those princessy fairytales for me. Till one day in primary school, I had to do a cloze passage question, and I failed badly in it just because I didn't know the Cinderella story AT ALL. I didn't know who was cinderella and I didn't know what the cloze passage was talking about, thus I couldn't fill in the blanks. Apparently all my classmates know the story except me T_T Complained to mum before she went to buy these 3 books for me. hahaha.

First favourite book - The emperor's new clothes
I only liked it because the pictures are cartoonish and nice to look at, unlike the ladybird series which was very country folk drawings.

First favourite character - Noddy
I had the first book, which was "Noddy goes to Toyland". I loved the concept of a Toyland and I remembered till today that Noddy suggested to "build the roof first so that in case it rains, we have a shelter over our heads while building the walls". Lol!

First Book I Coveted - Enid Blyton series
I loved the enid blyton books when I was in primary school. Everytime I go to my friends house, I can sit down and read their enid blyton books for hours. Mum wouldn't buy them for me cos she say expensive. Eventually I managed to collect quite a large collection of enid blyton books through the years (when mum finally relented and bought for me hehehe) Besides their junior series, I also have the more teenage versions that have smaller prints. Loved reading about those magical adventures. Love "The magic faraway tree series" and "The wishing chair".

The Teen Years - Sweet Valley and The Babysitters Club
I was very hooked to these two series when I was in secondary school. I went to libraries and went to the 8 - 12 year old shelves all the time and borrowed these books. For sweetvalley, I read a wide range, from the middle school, junior high to the university series.

Twenties - Lauren Weisberger, Nicholas Sparks
I stopped reading for awhile in my later teens and read many magazines instead. But I picked up reading again recently. These are the books that I read recently: The Devil Wears Prada, The Notebook, Dear John, Everyone Worth Knowning, The Wedding.

Hahahaha ya lah I very into chick lit and romance novels de.

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