Friday, December 10, 2010

New bags

Loved the bag I was wearing in my previous entry? I LOVE IT!!

It's from TIANFENLAN!!
Whenever I think of online bagstores, I think of TIANFENLAN. Do you?

As repeated many times with my past adverts for TianFenLan, I absolutely love the owner's enthuasium and I love how TianFenLan operates with a standard.

The designs are good too!
I took afew days to decide on a piece because every piece looks awesome and I just can't settle on one piece.

Let me show you afew of my favourites, besides the one up there that I eventually chose:

All fashionable pieces right!! These are all selected with love by the owner!

If you are worried, I can assure you that TianFenLan's bags are all of good quality!!! The previous bags that I took from her are still intact today!!

All items are instocks, so it means that you can get your bags mailed to you nicely within afew days. Great!

Do support the very nice lady behind this shop :)

Follow her twitter and you can see how much hardwork and sincerity she puts into this shop. Anyone would feel happy shopping with her!

Also, check out the sale and flea-it-off categories. The items go as low as less than $10!!!!

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