Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our christmas tree

Our Christmas Tree

Yesterday while out on our christmas date, SX suddenly mentioned: "Sad, our xmas tree must dismantle liao"... I think he was referring more to the troublesome part of unpacking a tree than the romantic part of the fact that the tree was set up solely by the both of us.

Early this month before Christmas, we were tasked to set up the Xmas Tree for our company. It was the first time I set up a Christmas Tree, and also the first time I did it with a boyfriend.

I don't think he enjoyed the decoration process. I did all the fun part (hanging crystal balls), while I left the more difficult parts to him (sticking golden leaves that keeps falling and clearing up after we are done). Hahah.

Also, we did it wrongly. We finished hanging all the ornaments before realising that we were supposed to wrap the light bulbs around the tree before hanging the decor. Lol. In the end we just wrapped it around on top of the ornaments and manually adjusted it one by one.

Our Christmas Tree was the traditional green kind. Our ornaments are mostly red, gold and silver.
I didn't take any pictures of the tree though.

Our celebration yesterday was simple. More about it in another entry. Meanwhile, wait for tonight's entry ok! It'll be a long picturey entry!

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