Saturday, December 4, 2010

Staycation - The next morning

Staycation Part 3

The final entry for our staycation! Not alot of pictures this time.

Next morning, I took a cab back to the hotel to continue the staycation. My "cannot stay outside overnight" curfew is costing me two taxi fares. Must claim from mum liao, tsk!

Basically, it was a relaxing morning because the girls were still having their hangovers from the crazy night before. The minibar is still full cos we were so busy the night before~~

My dress is from theblogshop! Pink maxi dress :)

They are having their sleepwear shoot! Too bad for you guys, no transparent lingerie here!

Light makeup look to match the "just woke up" theme. I cannot do this definitely. Hahaha.

And soon it became a pillow fight!!

My turn!!

Attacked by big flying pillows T_T

Time for lunch!! Me and Fidel had the complimentary hotel lunch.

Free flow fruit juices~ Orange juice for Fidel to cure her hangover and me have sweet cranberry!

There wasn't much choices for the lunch menu. They had free flow salad but I don't like leafy raw food -_-

I had the hearty club sandwich - without veggies and cream! Quite yummy, cos inside alot of meat.

Swimming pool at the hotel! Couldn't dip into the pool cos of Aunt Red :(

Would be a nice place to chill and rest lor!

Fun game that Nadia brought to the staycation. Have you all played this before?

Here's the end of my staycation blogposts... If you do not have the budget to go overseas, why not try a staycation? It'll be a great "getaway" with your girls!

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