Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 different looks

I tried red lipstick!!

But then it still looks sucky on me as it did years ago. Not gonna try it again anymore!!

How do I look with short hair?

Besides trying red lipstick, I also tried simple seemingly light makeup! I wanted to do a schoolgirl look to match this long long clip-on pony tail wig (very easy to use leh! just clip the wig on your own pony tail!).

Nice anot! (hehehe the ponytail color same color as my real hair) Dress is from http://theblogshop.sg/

A more closeup look of my "simple" eye makeup. I drew alot lesser eyeliner than usual and used fake eyelashes to brighten up and widen the eyes.

See "my" hair so soft, shiny and silky.

Then I tried the more "glam" look. Put on a curly wig and more eye makeup and lashes!

Had fun playing around with the different looks! Actually makeup only play a small part. The HAIR plays the bigger part.

Even with school girl makeup, I won't look like a school girl without that long pony tail! I think it's so pretty and it really looks naturally like a high ponytail cos of it's design and structure! It's not those flat flat kind.

Also, they are all very soft and nice to touch!

All the wigs were sponsored by http://www.myhairqueen.com/

Besides a wide range of wigs, they also have 17mm contact lens, japanese cosmetics like candydoll/dollywink and plenty of other cutie accessories.

(The clip-on ponytail is only $10!!!!!)

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