Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Wanted to KTV so I met up with Fiona!

Wore a blue dress underneath my pink leopard print cardigan :) Both sponsored by theblogshop of course. Very casual for the day cos we are going to the kbox at Ehub, near our home!

Can you guess what song we are singing?

My honeylemon which tasted like cough syrup! They went to change another cup for me but still tastes the same, so I think all their honeylemon taste like that. Very erxin, I had to take big gulps throughout the session. Cannot waste leh, paid $6 or $7 for it!!

I usually don't order honeylemon cos I usually choose 'grape milk tea' or something sweet but I was sick that day so I figured it could help to clear my throat.

And this small bowl of COMPULSORY snacks.... guess how much?? SEVEN DOLLARS. CANNOT WASTE, MUST EAT ALL. LOL!! Usually I don't eat the snacks provided by ktv joints cos I don't like junk food but this time I ate alot cos I kept thinking "eh $7 leh!" Hahahaha.

But besides the overpriced food and drinks (which I don't really mind since we are not required to pay cover charge due to the promo, so actually it's quite fair that they go one big round to earn us from the food instead. Yep, I very understand one hahaha ), I had great fun!! I wanna go KTV again soon! All my pass KTV kakis dunoe all fly where already, so long never go KTV together already!

Both of us forgot to bring our xmas gifts for each other. Lol. Actually I secretly think she purposely one. Cos she want find excuse to meet me again. *shy*

Or maybe cos I smsed her beforehand that I forgot to bring so she revenged. Tsk!

(Lucky she doesn't read my blog. Haha!)

And so, yep Xmas is coming! If you havent got your perfect dress for that special christmas date, head over to Miuee.com now!

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My recommendation for that sweet date ^^

And for the PARTY~~~

Too many designs for words, go have a look yourself!!

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