Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Girly Staycation!

Lots of pictures!


Definition: Staycation - A local vacation.
Venue: Quincy Hotel

Quincy is located just steps away from Orchard Road, in a quiet enclave providing the utmost in privacy and exclusivity. It's located further up the hill of Good Wood Park Hotel, across the road from York Hotel and beside Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

As a boutique hotel, the rooms are quite expensive for normal travellers - $358++ per night. I mean, we can get standard rooms at a lower price in normal non-boutique 4-star hotels!

However, there was a promotion, which is $268++ for weekend stay for locals! After GST and service charge it's approximately $320. For that price, I find it a really good deal because breakfast, lunch, dinner are all inclusive. To add on, there was free minibar, free red wine and free flow cocktail!

Furthermore, the staff were really attentive and nice :)

We were all excited and finally the Staycation date arrived!!

Headed down to the hotel without makeup first!

Nadia and the rest were hungry so we went to grab simple lunch after I put on some makeup! Had Pontian wanton at Far East Plaza, which was within walking distance from the hotel.

I absolutely love their wanton soup!!

Pictures of our hotel :)

Checking in...

This is the dining area which is just beside the check in counter. Very modern furnishings.

Everyone was ordered to wash feet before rolling on the bed!

This dress is from THEBLOGSHOP! I really love the colour combination and design of this dress :)

Sun rays through the curtains~~

Makeup time!

Nadia brushing her face.

The mess on our bed!

Blushy fidelis hehe

Jacelyn concentrating!!

Jacelyn helping Sabrina to neaten the brows I think!

Fidel's in charge of Sabrina's makeup!

Sabrina is happy and excited cos she's gonna look more pretty afterwards haha

This picture was before we poured everything out lol.

Lots of colours to play around with!

Helped Nadia to stick fake eyelashes! Her eyes look super nice after that!

And lower lash... but I couldn't put nicely so we gave up!

Tada!! Nice right!!

I had nothing to do as my makeup is already done so I camwhored!

Nadia's makeup look really good here!

Besides makeup, what else is as girly? Manicures!! These are not all the nail polish we own. We have alot more at home! Mine are mostly cheap cheap one, those $2 kind. Lol. The Sally Hansen one was sponsored some time ago. The most expensive nail polish I bought was $7.90 each at a tradeshow. Till now use once only because I don't want to waste it! And I also bought expensive nail hardener (Cos don't have cheap one, so I bought the cheapest of the expensive hahaha), and the Nail Tek Quick Dry top coat.

Actually I think that it doesn't matter whether your nail polish is expensive or cheap. What matters is the brush! I bought a cheap nail polish at around $3.90 - $4.90 price range, and the brush was super smooth and easy to apply! Too bad that brand don't have many pretty colours for me to buy. Then I have another cheap brand at home which has a thick heavy brush which makes the application very rough and messy. I act kind and gave the nail polish to my sis. But then when she used it she saw through my cover and said "you gave me this only because the brush is lousy right" Hahahahaha.

Me helping Fidelis to wipe off her previous nail polish!! I really dislike rubbing off nail polish because it's so difficult so I really love Millys for sponsoring me nail services :)

Okay, maybe it's because my nail polish remover is also cheap cheap one. $1.50 only. Lol.

Do you all know how to do nail marbling?

First, apply a base of white nail polish.

Afterwards, drip 3 drops of colour each into a bowl of room temperature water. Repeat the cycle around two times. Afterwards, use a toothpick to "draw" some pattern.

Then, dip your finger into the water upside down. Afterwards, clear the side polish and take out your finger. Wipe off the excess polish on the sides of the finger. Okay, maybe you should just go view the videos on youtube.

Our session was messy and failed, but if you do it properly, the design will be very nice!

I have more pictures of our nail session after dinner but that'll be in another entry.

Why take so many pictures? Cos nadia brought an instant printer!!

Yay group picture of us to end this entry!

Part two of staycation coming up next.... :)

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