Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mystery dinner #005

Our Mystery Dinners~

Nadia has brought us to dinner once.
Jacelyn has brought us to dinner once.
I've brought them to dinner twice.

And finally, after much nagging, Fidelis finally brought us to hers!
It's at Dempsey, where there are many good food with nice ambience.

I was the earliest to reach!!

Yep, it's called Barracks.

I love how they hang the lights like this on the ceiling. I just went to Essensuals some days back and realised that their lights were also hung this way!

We were seated under a very large table. The only large table in the whole restaurant. They didn't have standard furnitures and there are several kind of designs at each corner.

Their menu comes in the form of a newspaper!! Cool!

Outfit of the day from

This was one of the options in the menu, sandwiched in between other food!! And it's not a joke, they really get the spa therapists for the spa above them to come down and give you massages~ It costs $15 by the way.

Truffle fries, highly recommended by Fidel :)

And they come with smiley sauce!! Guess which part we touched first.

And the 1-metre long sausage. I didn't expect it to be so yummy so I was surprised. It was spicy chicken, but so yummy that when you eat a bite, you can't stop getting another bite!

Fidelis got Squid Ink for herself.

I tried squid ink for the first time in my life that night. Luckily, it was not as disgusting as I thought it would be. Fidel raved about it!!

I had the more safe choice of Pork Tenderloin. The portion was quite big, so I was left feeling very very full afterwards.

Jacelyn had this angelhair pasta thingy.

This was another one of our appetisers, called the ah-something salad. Haha. It's actually tuna. I don't like tuna and I don't like raw veggies. Enough said. Lol.

David had steak as his maincourse.

And Nadia chose Lobster Linguine. It looked different from what we had at the Raffles City Food Trail though. However, the lobster seems huge and meaty!

Leon had burgers. I think that the portion on the plate was huge! I think can feed two ladies.

Group photo with the girls!
Nadia, me, Jacelyn, and Fidelis.

Me and Jacelyn. Both of us were dateless that night *lonely*

Me and sweet Fidel!

Leon did this with the leftovers. Greasy face. Lol.

There's a black rabbit behind me!

And a black wine bottle on the table!

Group pictures again ^^

Lol so many repetive pictures uh. Couldn't decide which one nicer. Hahaha.

Ending off the entry with the guys:
(same expressions hahaha)

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