Sunday, December 26, 2010

A little island off the little island


If you know me well, you would know that I love exploring new paths, exciting plans, etc. I always wish I could travel/holiday for a living but that's not going to come true any time soon due to me not being born a rich kid, but while waiting, I can still find some other ways to get around my budget right?

When BF finally had an offday that is on the same day as mine, we decided to go for a one-day trip to Pulau Ubin. Yep, one day only cos my mum won't allow me to stay overnight elsewhere without her. And yep, Pulau Ubin because I can never get my passport from her without her hoard of questions. I tried asking it for one-day trips before but she say CANNOT :( Batam, bintan, phuket, johor, all she say very dangerous for me unless she is around but I can't seem to convince her to go with me. Boo!

Nevermind lah, Pulau Ubin is also a getaway!

I've not been there since I went there once as a kid, so I was quite excited~!

To get there, we have to sit on a bumboat from Changi Ferry Terminal. Before heading off, we grabbed goreng pisang from the hawker centre. This store sells very good goreng pisang!

The boat doesn't have any fixed timings. The boat will only start if the queue reach to 12 passengers.

Our bumboat was quite rundown!

I don't know how to swim.... so got abit scary eh.

Finally reached!! Picture against the sea first!
Wahlao why my hair parting so hideous.

Welcome to Pulau Ubin!

BF very kaypoh lo! He see people gather around so he went to see what's happening -_-

I've always wanted to go stand on a real kampong house on water!

Lunchie first! How come there are so many wild dogs around? So scary!! Having pet puppies licking me is one thing, having big stray dogs licking me is another thing! I also have eczema on my feet which I'm trying hard to close wounds, I do not want to kena infection :( Ultimately, I scared they bite O_O

Me like to eat Hokkien mee!! Very nice!

Actually SX ordered the above but after eating his, I ignored my rice :p

Bicycle time~

Damn adventure loh!! There was no indication of where we are and no signboards and no main routes. What if we get lost and cannot go out before night falls??? OH THE HORROR.

It rained multiple times that day.
(Top and shorts from theblogshop)

Passed by many village houses!! SX keep guessing which one is the Village Head's house haha. See their clothes, hang on string de!

SX say want throw me into the water well :(
He say throw me in already I sure cannot come out :(:(

I wonder if anyone was thrown inside before. Water well seems so scary now.

After being stuck in the forest for super long, we finally reached Chek Jawa! We were really tired by then, so after looking at directions, we decided to go towards the viewing tower.

But then when we saw we had to climb so high up, we immediately U-TURN. LOL!!

We walked in the other direction, which is the jetty!

Nice anot!

SX kena big mosquito bite!

Went back to the house after awhile.

Got fireplace de!

Time to go back!

See my messy hair haha.

That sums up our little tiring getaway! :)

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