Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yao Mei Bu Yao Ming

Guess what happened to my little toes.

Had to put plasters to protect them because pretty shoes are so painful. Loving those heels but dreading to put them on because I get reminded of this little torture.

If you are wondering why there are so many hair on the floor, this picture was taken at Millys.

Anyway, me and the girls are gonna have a Staycation soon! Staycation is like a local holiday. We've been recee-ing for pretty hotel rooms and finally short listed to 2! It's gonna happen one of the weekends this month. So excited!

We are going to have makeovers, hair styling, skin care diy spas, manicures, swimming, and definitely lots of pictures!

And there's one way for you blogshops to get featured in our staycation too!

Staycation feature

What you need to provide:
5 pieces of apparels + a token fee

What you get:
We will take really nice picture (there will be a professional photographer around) while wearing your blogshop's apparel. When we blog about the staycation, we will credit the apparels to your website with a link. ON ALL OUR 5 BLOGS. PLUS SAUCEINK MAGAZINE.

All pieces will be worn by and featured on:
EstherXie ( )
Nadnut ( )
Fidelis ( )
Jacelyn ( )
Sabrina ( )
SauceInk magazine (See sidebar)

It's a really good deal!

The 5 pieces of apparels will be chosen by us. The token fee is definitely affordable and costs way lower than any usual advertorial on any ONE of our blogs. It's a good chance for you to publicise your blogshop, with minimal budget :)
If you are interested, you may email
Besides apparels, we also accept accessories, shoes, and bags.

Hope to see your emails soon!

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