Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I was reading my 2006 archives justnow when I found this entry of a comic I drew on the paint program on the computer. WHY I LAST TIME SO LAME ONE! haha share with you all: http://bit.ly/fGjXh2

I watched the movie Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale yesterday.
It is SOOOOOOOOO good!!

I think that Rapunzel was portrayed in a very cute way and she's so likable! She's very pretty too. Her hair was very smooth silky shiny and I wonder what shampoo she uses. Haha.

At first when the wicked mother said that Eugene would eventually leave once he gets the crown, I thought so too but I was sweetly surprised when he didn't. Haiya is Disney movie leh, should have known that I cannot be cynical. Lol.

The horse is also another damn cute one! Especially loved the apples scene.

The soundtrack is great too. Makes everything feel so magical.

Whenever I watch heartwarming movies, I always have a great urge to be sweeter to my bf afterwards but stupid him, make me angry halfway through the journey home. Idiot.

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