Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hi girls (and a minority of boys),

It has been afew days since I posted personal thoughts! Actually I'm trying to clear my backlog of entries, that's why you see so many food and mundane pictures! However, everything's gonna be different this upcoming week!!

Let me give you a preview of what's gonna come up:

- Makeup Video
This is what many of you has been asking me to do since months back! I was so lazy but since SPH asked me to do this show, I thought why not, since I've been promising you girls but havent got down to doing anything. I filmed a makeup interview with RazorTV this week, and it should be up next week! I'll post the link here for you when it is up :) You'll be able see me on video, fully without makeup at all and my process of putting on makeup. It is not a makeup tutorial, as it would most likely be fast-forwarded. I was not on form during filming, so my makeup was abit horrendous that night. Haha. I wish I could refilm a better one! Hope the video camera was blur =P

- Staycation
Me and my girls would be doing some really girly and fun stuffs during our hotel stay this weekend, and I hope I'll be able to blog about it asap and hopefully by end of this week if I'm not too busy! We'll be trying a different nail technique, do some skincare and relaxation, hairstyles for one another, and do makeup! I'll be bringing my colour palette, hope will look good!

- An outfit post for the past week
Some readers have emailed to tell me that they liked the format of my previous outfit post. Do you all like it as well?

- Possibly pictures of my new bags if I receive them by this week.

I'm not sure what else would be going up, but I hope more interesting activities come my way! I'm now going to the doctor to do a health checkup regarding my blackout and also head to staycation after that. Hope it'll be a great day!

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