Thursday, November 4, 2010

I did my....

I did my nails at Milly's last week!

Isn't it cute?? Pink and blue stripes, with golden thin lines. I love it loads!!

I also did pedicure. Just normal black nail polish. Love the scrub! Go try the classic pedicure k :) Time to pamper your feets.

For more info, please visit:

I also just received this in my mailbox!
This lovely halter top is from

MWIW means "My Walk In Wardrobe"!
The top is of good quality! I can see it as a staple piece in my closet already! It won't go out of style one lor!

Those who join mailing list will get 10% off, so do add yourselves k!

There is also a damn cute furry bear jacket or something. Go have a look!

I received the exclusive manufactured piece from liao! Sweet looking right! It looks very flattering + good material too. Comes with the belt as well. Quickly go grab your piece because you'll never get it anywhere except Polkadotpigs!!

Have you added yourselves to their mailing list yet?

Another one of my long-term advertisers, Millywalker, they have updated a new collection again! Ever so efficient. Always update frequently one!

This tube dress can also be worn as long dress too! One piece for two different looks!

PLUS, they are having sales now!!

Faster go check it out!!

Oh ya, do check out my friend's blogshop: FashionKisser.
Almost all items are below $20, around the $14 range. Very cheap!! Don't even need to travel down to bugis and squeeze with those people.

Fall/Winter designs are out. Grab your piece now.
I'm ordering too! Will take photos when reached!!


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