Wednesday, November 10, 2010

After his wedding part one in Malacca, my uncle had his main wedding in Singapore the next week.

It was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Singapore has way too many hotels with the word "mandarin" in it hor? Why ar? Mandarin Oriental, Meritus Mandarin, Mandarin Orchard, Marina Mandarin, so confusing one!

Anyway, Mandarin Oriental is really pretty.

I wore this black puff sleeve dress from theblogshop! Love it. Looks very powerwoman. Hahaha. It also makes your body look curvy cos got extra cloth at the butt area.

We went to the suite first where all the bridesmaid were, as the ceremony has not started yet. You like my studded bag?

It's also from theblogshop! I love it loads. Quite roomy inside although it doesn't look like it. Can store my camera!

This is the solemnization room.

The ceremony.

And tea ceremony for the relatives who weren't there earlier in the morning.

Certified married!

We headed over to the mini cocktail reception, just outside the ballroom. There's a bar serving some food and drinks :)

People flipped their photo albums or just mingle around.

Finally, time to enter!

This was taken earlier in the afternoon when the lights are not dimmed yet.

I love the decorations of this table!

Feel like eating cake now!

The waitresses "danced" on stage with our first dish.

Decorate until very nice hor! Anyway I'm seated with everyone I don't know because the family table doesn't have enough seats. On my table I only know my sis and Milly. Yep, she is my uncle's friend! So qiao right. My uncle recommended her shop to me even before she ask me to be one of the bloggers for her shop lor!

Me love the soup hehehe.

Tiger prawns! They are even larger than how it looks in this picture. Very nice!

Veggies with mushrooms and abalone.

Cod fish. Om nom nom nom.

Time to do the "throw flower to the back" tradition! If catch until means will be next to tie the knot. Most of the girls siammed. Why!! Don't want to get married meh?? In tv shows like all desperate to catch but in real life most girls don't want catch hahaha.

Chilli crab! No need worry about the mess because the crab meat are deshelled! The mantou is super super super super super nice. Although chilli crab is really a different choice from usual wedding dinners. Was so shock when I saw it on the menu hahaha.

The lovely cake was a great dessert to finish up the meal!

Headed over to one of the rooms that the couple booked. So nice lor!! The window is full-size and the scenery is so magnificient!

Wish my house got full length mirror. Our house only got very big mirrors in the bathroom. BUT it's horizontal, cannot take outfit picture. Can only watch ownself when bathing LOL. Whenever I go to other people's house where they only have a small face mirror, I feel so awkward cos I'm so used to seeing myself on the whole wall!!

Haiya that time so stingy, i go buy a small mirror from ikea instead of paying $40 more for a mirror 4 times bigger, now this small one not good to use at all cos when take pictures can see the mirror border one. So wasted!

Okay, one last zi-lian picture to end this entry! I got crooked nose on one side. Sads.

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