Monday, November 29, 2010

A peek into my wardrobe of last week (2)

What I have been up to &

To be exact, these outfits were last last week's. Hahah. This outfit post was delayed due to unforseen circumstances, but it's now finally up!

All outfits featured here are from my sponsor, theblogshop.


RazorTV interview at SPH


Out with BF. Was going to eat steamboat, so I chose this simple sleeveless grey cotton dress. But I think it looks good too!

It was raining and crowded. We finally got a seat after some waiting but it was outdoor, under a big umbrella that was not big enough to cover both our table and the table beside us. Had rainwater dripping down my back for the first 10 minutes before I changed seats with SX when he went off to take food. Lol. Both of us were wearing super slippery slippers and I forbidded him to hold on to me cos if one of us fall, both of us will definitely fall together if we held hands. I rather try to balance on my own hahaha.

The steamboat was yummy, had lots of boiled crabs!

Went to play the catching machine and got this big doraemon! When he started putting coins into the slot I was thinking "aiya, sure waste money one, so big so heavy confirm catch bu dao." But~~~ HE DID IT!! Lol I think is by luck one.

Damn cute right this doraemon ^^

Half my bed is soft toys. Really love my soft toys!! Will take picture of each of them and introduce them to you all next time!


Out with the family! Wore this lovely light purple dress.

Had steamboat again even thought I had already ate it the day before!

There was very little meat. I felt like I was eating vegetarian steamboat.

I like this picture of the veggies. lol. Like so fresh and green uh.

Fried fish skin. It's quite nice but cannot eat too much cos will have not nice after eating alot.



Anyway, for Xmas, my hair sponsor Essensuals is having a promotion! The grand prize is so attractive!!! I'm going to dye my hair again soon there. Hope to catch you there!

Just in time, pick your christmas date dress from! New collection of pretty festive dresses!

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