Friday, November 5, 2010



Attended their launch event a couple of weekends ago with Benjamin, who is also one of the bloggers under their sponsorship. I brought Jacelyn along!

Since I seldom style my hair, I decided to give my hair a little curl for this day!

Meanwhile, the models did their makeup "backstage".

A whole row of shoes!

The final look!

There were lots of activities that night. Besides live DJing, makeovers, and also manicure!

Also live tattooing!! So scary! I wonder what would happen if someone "accidently" pushed the tattoo artist while he's drawing.

Models and their stylish hair!

Took a break outside with Jacelyn and Ben. Icecream yums yums.

I had the mango flavour!

Jacelyn's chocolate and kitkat, smashed together into creamy icecream!

Ben's vanilla with chocolate chips. I think.

This dress is from theblogshopsg!

Make your hair appointment with these cool bunch of stylists now!!

I took this video for the event. Watch ok!

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