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Caught your attention didn't I? Yep, main point of today's entry is Porn's. Read more and you will find out in the middle of this entry.

Met up with Nadia and Jacelyn for Hotel Recce. Fidel was unable to make it :(

Nadia introed us to this chicken rice balls place that was yummy!! It's near Wanderlust Hotel.

I don't know why the chicken was chopped into such small pieces but it's very nice!! The meat is tender and soft like how hainanese chicken should be like.

Then we met up with Jacelyn's bf, Fidelis and Leon. Went to this thai restaurant opened by Pornsak, the TV host.

Took pics of all we ordered and Leon got annoyed hahaaha.

The service was not very good, and the food took a long time to come. Probably because it was peak hour?

Was recommended stuffed chicken wing but I think I prefer my chicken unstuffed after eating it because it seems like I can only taste the stuffings but not the chicken meat.

Basil pork didn't taste like the usual basil dishes I eat outside. Prefer the outside ones.

However, I felt that the mango sticky rice was awesome. Craving for it now!

Deciding where to go next :)

AhChew's dessert was packed, so we went over to this dessert place at Bugis Junction. I had mango pomelo sago!

Quoting nadia, "What happened to normal desserts?"

Hahah cos the pictures and combination on their menu like abit "anyhow mix" one. Don't have much normal desserts too.

Went over to the arcade to play games! This is my new favourite arcade game! Played with SX and we lost pathetically. And I realise SX is better at brainless speed games (like pressing the button as many times as possible), while I'm better at reaction games (like pressing the correct button to match every color that comes out).

Asked them to play this cute brick game as well!

Jacelyn's bf managed to aim correctly but the hanger dropped it close to the "hole" :(

Was a very enjoyable night! Would be better if bf didn't have to work and could join us!

Anyway, Polkadotpigs has just updated!
Lots of pretty pieces this time! Have a look!

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