Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Super (bad) Power

I'm feeling super cold! Brrrrrrrggrrrr.

Anyway, days are kinda bad recently.
I feel like I have this super power, and I hated it so badly I wish it'd just go away. It's like, whenever I think of something, it WILL happen. Good? NO. You know why? Because the good things never happened, only the bad ones. Yes I did experiments with it!

Even the faintest passing thought also will come true one lor. It's so horrible because I cannot control what comes into mind right? Then I always have to say "Choy choy choy" to myself cos I don't want it to happen. It's so tiring and I feel so paranoid!! Sometimes I am careless then I forget to say, then like 2 days later something related would happen and I would get so horrified when I remember my thought about it!!

I don't feel that it's instinct lor. I feel like I'm cursing myself everyday. Boo.

Okay, I can't remember any examples right now because there's just too many examples and suddenly I forgot everything already. But you all understand what I'm saying right?

I just watched Easy A yesterday thanks to Nuffnang :D

At first after watching the trailer I felt that I will dislike the lead actress, but just minutes into the movie, I find myself really liking her cos she's so funny!!

Found it weird that this is the first western movie I watched that portray high school students as pure and if you have sex you are the odd one out. lol. I thought it was the other way round for them, as shown in like 9 out of 10 movies?

Also weird that all the students including the supposedly bad kids, being afraid when the teacher rounds them up.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie very much!! I laughed alot because the dialogues are super hilarious. You just gotta watch it.

Polkadotpigs has just updated!!
Lots of pretty pieces this time round I'm spoilt for choice!

Fell in love with this chiffon top as soon as I saw it. It's just so feminine and pretty.

This white maxi too! You will sure look like goddess while wearing it hahaha.


Also, let me introduce this cute blogshop! They sell cute pouches for you to store anything, from cards, to stationary, to coins, anything! Go check it out okay? :)

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