Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time Limit

Just had Double Mcspicy! Yums.

Does anyone eat it like me?
I always order it plain, which means no cream no veggies.
Then I'll eat only the meat patty and throw away the bread. I love to pair it with Ice Lemon Tea. I wish there's an option for me to order 3 meat patty without the bread hehehe then I don't have to waste $ and waste bread.

Okay, I now have only at most 1 hour 15 minutes to finishing blogging before my mum hollers me to sleep. Yep, like Cinderella, I have a midnight curfew. I must be in bed by 00:00. She's very strict about this, so I'm usually very stressed whenever I'm rushing some work at night. The other time I was watching this video which I took a long time to load. The video had only 2 minutes more but she stood behind me and I had to switch off my computer there and then.

I said: "Two minutes more only!"
Mum said: "NO."


It's very stressful you know.
I work better when I don't have a deadline. When I know I'm nearing my time limit, I panic more than getting anything done. When anyone disturbs/calls/talk to me around 11pm - midnight, I'd totally ignore or be rude to them cos I feel that they are wasting my "time" and I need to concentrate in order to get things done.

I'm left with 1 hour 12 minutes now.

Panic Panic.

I need to transfer pictures from my camera, upload online, and find captions. Okay, wait ah, need to find my usb wire.

1 hour.
(shit. I dun really remember what I spent the last 15 minutes doing. Nothing productive, that's for sure.)

I watched "The Child's Eye" last week. I had read alot of bad reviews about it online but SX wanted to watch it so we went anyway. It isn't that bad lah. At least it interested me enough to watch it throughout because I wanted to know the story behind the ghost happenings. I always want to know why the ghost did this or that. I hate those horror stories that don't say why and just leave us guessing. I watch horror movies for the storyline, not for the scares. I held SX's hand throughout, with a small gap in between his fingers to see through. Hahaha. I think his hand cramp after the movie.

It's weird to picture Rainie Yang in a serious ghost story. The story just doesn't seem real with her in it.

(Okay, at this point, I kena distracted by someone else's blog. Hahaha. I'm an avid reader of more than 10 bloggers.)

I bought an external flash for my Olympus Ep1 already! Bought from Sim Lim Square. It costs around $250 and I also bought protection for my lens at $28. Expensive! But no choice uh, if I don't buy it now, I'll never get the chance to buy it again when I start university and pay all my money to the school fees. I'm a poor girl now.

Okay, I got a confession to make now.

Previously I was using this cheap shiny purple heart shaped pouch (left picture) as my wallet because I wanted a convenient "wallet" to throw all my cards and some cash in. I didn't want the usual kind of wallets because sometimes they are too bulky for my smaller bags when I bring my camera out. I wanted something flatter, yet easy to find coins, but didn't have the time to find a decent looking one so I just used that random one found in a random corner of my table. But now I don't need to find further already because Sabrina gave me a coach wristlet as a belated birthday present! Thanks Sabrina!!

And sometimes, SX will suddenly "ki-siao" and sms me this kind of things (still spend the time to type in chinese. Lol.), so unlike the usual him:

But I like =P

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