Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Makeup Video

My makeup video at RazorTV is up!!

The link HERE

Don't laugh ok!

My eye wrinkles are damn jialat. That's why I love flash when taking photos. It makes the wrinkles disappear! :p

Tammy is featured in the same video as well, so do check it out! :D

My views about makeup

- I know that makeup is supposed to ENHANCE, not HIDE your original face. But I'm aware that my makeup belongs to the latter category.

- If eyeliner + long thick eyelashes makes you look better, PILE IT ON.

- It's not about how thick your makeup is. It's about HOW WELL YOU APPLY IT. You can change your face entirely and no one would know how you look without it, if you are able to make your thick makeup look natural.

My makeup skill is not good, and not exactly the accurate way to do it. I just customed my makeup application according to what fits my face and what looks good in pictures (it doesn't look very good in real life). I'm not skilled in blending/colours/etc. But I'm sure I've improved over the years, and I hope I'll continue to improve!

Maybe one day I'd be able to make my eyes look bigger without obvious thick eye makeup. Sometimes I wish I have better skin complexion and better features so that it's so much easier to apply makeup. My eyes are like of this horrible unequal shape, I cannot just put one line of eyeliner on my lashline because it'd look crooked!

If I were a guy, I'd definitely prefer a girl with natural beauty over a girl with thick makeup on, because I don't really feel like touching someone with a powdered face and charcoal on the eyes. But then some girls really no choice mah, if they take off their makeup they won't look natural BEAUTY lor, they'll look like old maids and just be scoffed by the guys!

And, for those who say that people who put on full blast makeup are just insecure of their own looks, well, I go out of the house totally without makeup 7/10 of the time and it doesn't affect my confidence much. I do not wear makeup during usual days, and would only do makeup when I go for shoots, events or friends gathering where I know I would be taking many pictures. If it's just movies/dinner with the boyfriend, I'd usually be too lazy to pile on the makeup.

I just want to look good in the pictures, and there's no way to do it without thick makeup (for me).

Actually the most important thing a girl should have is clear, dewy skin. With healthy skin (and no eyebags), you'd look good even without makeup.


Millywalker has just updated with a new collection and lots of pretty pieces this time round!

I'm so in love with drape dresses nowadays.

Also must check out the pearlynn mitten hoodie sweater! It's so cute and suitable for the F/W season.

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