Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fashion Kisser

Shop shop shop shop Shopping time!

Please read this entry first okay. If I reach home early tonight I'll publish another entry with lots of pictures :) If not, tomorrow!

I've just received my items from
I'll take pictures and show you all soon! Meanwhile, do place your order now so that you can receive your new clothes together with my 2nd batch of orders! MOST ITEMS IS $12 - $15 range!!!

With ongoing sales and a new update, it's time for you to pop in Millywalker again!

Love the interesting weave details on this bag!

My favourite for this collection is this pretty dress, belt included. Comes in Pink as well.

Check out for more!

I'm selling a pair of brand new leggings!
$10, inclusive of normal postage. Please email to if you like it :)

Length 90cm, Elastic Waist 57-76cm, Hip 72cm, Good flexibility

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