Friday, November 19, 2010

$110 worth of vouchers GIVEAWAY!!!!

Fidelis invited me for a tea session & tour at Raffles City last Sunday! It was kinda fun and I was so full at the end hehehe.

Follow me on my food trail! Maybe you and your friends could do something similar next time too :)

First stop, Tokyo Deli Cafe.

I love the interior design. It's like a quaint little cafe from overseas.

We had samples of some hot/cold deli and desserts.

Hot Deli:
- Hamburger with Demiglace Sauce (didn't eat cos it's beef)
- Prawn Gratin (I liked this!)
-Healthy Simmered Vegetables (It's surprisingly not bad too)

Cold Deli:
-Marinade Octopus Salad
-Spaghetti Salad
-Marinade Salmon with Cream Cheese (I liked this!!)

-Mixed Berry Panacotta
-Mango Panacotta
-Mixed Fruit Jelly

Next stop was Fruit Paradise Cafe.

We had the following:
Mixed fruit tart
Chocolate banana tart
Mango strawberry tart

I liked the chocolate one alot! The chocolate taste is just right.

Introducing the christmas editions~

Up next, The Handburger!

The handburger original
- Looked damn cute but couldn't try cos it's beef.

Nutella marshmallows milkshake. It's very thick, creamy, and sweet. Chocolate lovers will fave it.

I LOVE THE FRIES. I kept taking one after the other.

Finally some hot, asian food!

Hainanese beef and tripe soup

I had the Lotus root with pork rib soup. It's my favourite dish for the whole of this food trail!

I think this is sabrina's favourite shop.

Cold press juices:
ABC - apple beetroot and carrot
Cholesterol buster - apple celery cucumber
Cold fighter - kiwi orange pineapple ginger
Collagen booster = kiwi orange broccoli
Slimming- grapes pineapple spirulina powder

I think girls should love the Collagen booster and Slimming juice!

Right after is yogurt! We are getting healthy here aren't we. Hahaha.

We had mango and strawberry flavoured yogurt.

Final stop for food trail is Fidelis' favourite!

She parked herself next to the truffle fries. LOL.

Lovedt he presentation of everything! So pretty!

The lobster linguine was nice!

After food, it's time for dazzling beauty!

The owner did a massage on one of the bloggers.

It's a health consultation customed to your blood type. Quite interesting luh, cos first time heard.

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