Monday, November 15, 2010

Scariest feeling ever

It was the scariest feeling ever.

I was reading my magazine on the train just now when suddenly this strange feeling washed over me and I felt like something was flowing and pressing onto my head. I tried to maintain my consciousness till I reach my stop since I was standing and is unable to 'curl up'. Eventually my whole body became numb and I couldn't hear anything. My vision starts to blackout.

This part was damn scary. I've never felt so powerless before. Usually I only get like 1 second blackouts, usually when I bent down or something, and that's normal for alot people right?

This time the blackout lasted longer, but I didn't know exactly how long. Next I knew, I was on a seat and perspiring profusely. A lady passed me a bottle of medicated oil and I felt better.

My legs and arms were still feeling a little numb afterwards and my head hurts, but I headed to the office anyway, since I was feeling better.

I do hope it won't happen again. I wonder what was the cause of it. It happened so suddenly!!

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