Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hangers Bar



The last day of November, and tomorrow's the 1st day of December. Time for shopping!!! Haha.

It's the 2nd time I shoot for their clothes! Really enjoy working with HangersBar because their designs are always so pretty. I had a hard time choosing a piece from this collection because I was torn between so many choices!

Let me introduce the one I chose eventually. I think it is very suitable for my style, and it's very sweet looking.

This one below is another of my favourite too. I love the drapey details at the side, which make a normal dress look more pretty.

Comes in grey as well!

I was torn between the above two and this lovely jacket with some puff at the sleeve. It's flattering on any simple dress/tee with jeans!

This pink top and ripped black jeans is very youthful don't you think so?

Back to being feminine, this grey dress is available in mint green too.

More pieces~~~

I bought this pair of jeggings for myself! It's not too tight and not loose, just right~ Much more comfortable than normal jeans. You should get one of this too!

It also comes in light blue.

Besides all these, there are lots more designs which I didn't feature here. Just head over to http://www.hangersbar.com now!


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