Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gallery of Black

Black Obsession.

Polkadot romper.

Studded tube dress. The quality is really thick and good! My friends also exclaimed that it looked good.

Bohemian styled top with studded harem pants! No full picture cos my butt too big not suitable for harem pants! Haha since so cheap I just got it to try try lor.

[Ad] All pieces are from
These are the items I ordered during Spree 1. I ordered ALOT for Spree 2 and I'm so excited for it's arrival! Anyway, Spree 3 is opened already, NEW CHOICES TO CHOOSE FROM, so do head your way to kissing fashion! All items are less than $20 even with shipping fees included. Just shop in the comfort of your own home lah, no need go squeeze in bugis street or far east plaza anymore. (Erm, but do still go there for Milly's manicure okay. Hahaha)

Anyway, I heard from someone before that if your 2nd toe is longer than your big toe, it means that you'll have a bitter life. Sob sob, look at mine!!!!

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