Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Look more feminine!

New entry below this advert :) Read on!


After looking at shoes for F/W, it's time to look at apparels!
Today, I'm going to introduce some awesome pieces from TheCupidKiss

I love the colours they have in store. It's my favourite neutral and light pastel colours! It'll look pleasing on many people and make you look feminine in an instant!

The designs are simple and classic, definitely worthy buys!

This dress is very suitable for Christmas Dinner Date!

Or christmas party?

Or just wear this dress for christmas shopping!

My favourite is this grey skirt. Can match alot of tops + looked interesting with those folded details.

What is best, is that you may pay by Credit card, Paypal, ATM transfer, or iBanking!! I love paying by cards because it's so convenient!

AND AND AND, you get 5% discount just by quoting my name! In case you don't know my name (hahaha), it's called ESTHER :D

PLUS, they are situated at Jipaban, so you can add the items to your egg-on list and get your friends to choose whether you should get the piece! Remember to add TheCupidKiss into your Jipaban Shopping mall!

Can't wait for the next collection!

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