Monday, November 15, 2010

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It's not just another normal blogshop advertorial.... because for their new collection, I'm glad to be the face of their photos!! I'm so happy cos I get to show you all nice pictures of myself hehehe.

The owners of Hangersbar said that this collection is revolved around my style, so if you are a reader who loves the kind of clothes I wear, this collection is very suitable for you!

Remember my convertible dress? Hangersbar has seen the popularity of it, and decides to come up with a Fandango(dark fuchsia) version! I think it's a unique color that you should definitely add to your wardrobe! You can wear it in so many different ways, as show in the blogpost I linked above.

I love the drapes in this dress. The pink and black combination is very pretty too! It comes with a pink inner tube. Or you can just go sexy without. Material is thick and of good quality.

Elise went to the photoshoot with me. She was more of a hindrance than help cos she kept making me laugh!!! The photographer must be thinking that I siao char bor! This is one of her favourite pieces and it looks good on her!

As for me, I got this light pink dress for myself. I love the layers of ruffles in front.

And if you are not a pink person, you can get the dark blue one! This is my favourite kind of cutting cos it's the safest!

This one is another drape dress that is convertible as well! I showed afew ways to wear it on the Hangersbar page. I believe that there are many more ways to wear it too. You just gotta experiment!

Time for looking sweet!! This pink top is suitable for casual days out... or maybe to the beach?

And this is one of my favourite picture!! I think I look good in such dress up. Hehe, very sunshine girl hor. =P Blue top that can be worn with high waist shorts too! Faster go Hangersbar and see the rest of the pictures in this series k!

The special thing about this dress is the shoulder part. And the chiffon bottom.

For this collection, everyone will be entitled to free certificate of postage! Also, Hangersbar strongly encourages customers to use registered mail because instead of adding $2.25 as usual, you just have to add $1.50!! Say YAY! No more to lost mails or frequent worries about whether the parcel is sent out.

I LOVED THIS DESIGN THE MOMENT I SET MY EYES ON IT. I love the shoulder part. It's just so vogue-looking. There is also another color, dark grey. Visit HangersBar to see which color you prefer!

Visit Hangersbar now (to see my pictures ^^)!!
One good thing about purchasing from blogshops that uses me as a clothes hanger, is that I'm average sized like most girls. I'm not stick thin and not petite, so you won't have to be disappointed with dismay when pieces arrive and you can't fit in. If i can fit in, 80% of you confirm can get in one. I have a figure which is very difficult to carry off many types of cuttings, so if I can, YOU CONFIRM CAN ALSO.

Oh ya, remember to add yourself to the mailing list!

Joining the mailing list will allow you to enjoy 5% off all items.

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