Thursday, November 1, 2007

I've to say something.

From a third-party point-of-view.

[ disclaimer: pretend ice-angel dont exist, pretend im just something in the air observing these things happening. im not linked to anything i say. im just siding some rather pretty famous bloggers who kept getting ridiculous comments in their tagboards. ]

1) Why do so many people like to assume that pretty bloggers actually look ugly behind their thick makeups? Why care? As long as they look pleasant in their blog photos & you satisfy your hunger of looking at pretty girls' faces, it doesn't matter to you how they look like without makeup or without photoshop. That's for their own future husbands to worry.

2) Why gossip so much about someone being fake, yada yada? For me, as long as someone is nice to me, i wont question much about whether she's fake or not as long as i dont find out she's talking bad about me behind my back. If she's nice to you, take it as that! She might be borned with a high-eq, or she's just someone who likes pleasing everyone. You wont like someone who is unfriendly and rude right.

3) Is being naturally pretty a very important requirement for a blogger? No. So what if that blogger slaps on thick makeup in order to look pretty? It doesn't matter as long as she looks presentable enough. So what if that girl isn't pretty even after putting up thick makeup? You are reading her blog, not judging her face! Blogging is not a beauty competition!

4) I realised that some bloggers get easily irritated at harmless comments asking this and that about the bloggers. Hmm. For me i wont really directly scold the commetors because they dont mean harm, but i have to agree that sometimes it's kinda irritating when you have repeated the same answer to so many people asking you the same thing. Kindly scroll down and read the blogger's answers to the previous commentors before asking please :)

5) When a blogger didn't say that "I think i am hot and famous." , please stop screaming comments like "Stop thinking you are hot and famous". It's stupid, because since when did the bloggers said that they think they are hot and famous?

6) If you think a particular blogger is ugly and you must say something or else you will die, then please say something like: "Try blahblahblah eyecream because your eyebags aren't pretty." We bloggers dont mind this kind of comments even though it isn't a compliment, because it's at least constructive!

7) Try being famous yourself. Get the feeling of how would you feel when so many people come together to throw those criticsm at you at the same time. Bloggers are humans, they have feelings too. Unconstructive comments like: "You are ugly without makeup. Dont blog." HELLO? what's the purpose of your comment?

8) Bloggers are just bloggers. Not superman. They aren't perfect. You aren't perfect too.

Sidetrack abit, i think Stephy is pretty. Maybe not those *Wow-she's-a-fairy, Love-at-first-sight* kind of pretty, but she's those kind you see long ler, look more and more pretty kind.. Have style :D
(fiona introduced me to her blog quite some time ago)

It weird that some commentors went to her friend's blog to critisize about her being unpretty, skinny, blahblah. Wah, i always thought that only fat people get bullied. Now even skinny also got fault ah?!

Comments critisizing related bloggers that im writing about will be deleted to protect them, if the bloggers request. Criticism about me will NOT be deleted, as usual :) Compliments regarding any bloggers are welcomed.

I know rather many strangers dislike me, even maybe some who i see in bustops or passed by in school corridors frequently, but i've learnt that i just have to live with that. I can't please everyone right? Im sorry if you all think im not fit to blog, just because im not pretty, some of my clothes are auntie, im boring, im clumsy, my english isnt good or whatever. I would want to make everyone stop disliking me, but i guess it's rather impossible. I'll just continue to treasure friends who really give the chance to understand what kind of girl i really am. Those criticism will never end, so i should stop bothering about them.

I wish your voice will continue to be the first i hear every morning :)

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