Sunday, November 25, 2007

Iwantadigicam. ESTHER says:
i tink is my face too fat lah
Iwantadigicam. ESTHER says:
need to jianfei
Iwantadigicam. ESTHER says:
i decided to start jianfei-ing starting from monday
; Everything is worth cherishing! - says:
*kelvin rubs dear's face*
; Everything is worth cherishing! - says:

he thinks rubbing my face wil make my face thin -.-

Anyway, i've uploaded a new blogskin for all pink lovers! Download them here:

Boyfriend and me have been meeting each other for four consecutive days. Hehe. We are celebrating our one month anni in advance because i wont be able to meet him on the actual date. lalala. I've lots of photos taken yesterday, afew days ago, last week, and last last week! but im only gonna blog about them after i get the complete set of photos!

Here's one of Sammi's older songs that is super nice.

Ru Guo Wo Shi Ni.

There are two other nice ones too.
-Mei Fei Se Wu
-Ai Shang Yi Ge Ren

Okay, im sorting and resizing one set of photos now. Hope i'll be able to post them up by tomorrow! Im hungryyyyyyyyyyy.

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