Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sometimes i really think life sucks.
Why can't i get the best of both worlds? Everytime it's like this. Im doing great on one side and the other side would be down in dumps. It's so frustrating that i can't even enjoy my own happiness in peace.

Doing great. At least for now.

Friendship, Family, Career, my Blog and almost every other thing that i cared about have just too much problems for me to handle. I dont know how to settle everything at once. Sometimes i just feel like running away and hide until everything is over.

I know people say life has to have a balance, good and bad must be there. But it doesn't balance in my case! The bad things are overpowering the good things. If my boyfriend wasn't there for me, I think i might just crumble.

It doesn't help that i know so many strangers out there dislike me, looking down on me, and thinking i always have intentions behind everything i do. Someday i might just erupt like a volcano.


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