Thursday, November 15, 2007

The minute we step into bugis, our first thought was FOOD!!

Jessica initially wanted to eat MosBurger but i was reluctant. Then after that she suddenly wanted Yoshinoya but i wanted MosBurger already. Jessica told me she dont feel like eating MosBurger anymore -.-

Then after that i brought her to this place and we settled here! I've lots to compliment about this place.


Here's her vicious look.

Service Thumbs Up 1: The waiter pulled our chairs out for us to sit. This is not a 5star restaurant yet they do this! Im so impressed.

The menu wasn't very pretty, but their services later on covered up for it :)

We realised yesterday that both of us were using the same handphone!

Sulks Sulks. This is her signature look. Haha. i always see her doing this face. Even when there's nothing to sulk about.

I forgot why i sulk in this photo.

Service Thumbs Up 2:
Jessica pulled a chair over from the next table to put her bag. The waiter saw that and came over to join the next table with our table so that we have a bigger space :)

The interior is very nice, but me and jessica had sat quite near the exit.
Soup of the day was Aparagus.
Roasted Chicken! I forgot what's the noodle thingy called already. Haha. The Chicken is super nice, but the 'noodle' is tasteless. We had to pour the sauce over it before it's edible. After awhile, we sprinkled super many cheese on top of it, and it tasted great! We are both Super CheeseLovers.

This is Baked Dory! The fish was really nice, but the 'noodles' are again very tasteless. Jessica told the waiter: "Can you get us some sauce because the noodles are very DRY AND TASTELESS."

I was super shocked because i find that quite right-in-your-face-that-your-food-is-bad. Haha. Well, as i said, Jessica is vicious and hard-to-please. Should be quite normal for her. LOL.

Service Thumbs Up 3: The waiter didn't scowl despite Jessica's straightforward words, and even nicely said that he would take it back to the kitchen to put more olive oil. The dish came back with the fish HOT. I think they recooked the fish too.

I ordered IceLemonTea and Jessica ordered Mango Smoothie. They also give us a flask of sugarwater so that we can judge ourself how sweet we want it to be. I love my ice lemon tea after i poured alot of sugarwater in it. Jessica didn't like her Mango Smoothie as she think it's not sweet enough. I think it's sweet lor. lol. But i dont really like eating/drinking so much mango.

Jessica ordered Sprites because she really didn't like the mango.
Service Thumbs Up 4: The waiter came to ask if there's anything wrong with the Mango. Jessica said maybe it didn't suit her taste, and had nothing wrong to do with the mangoes.

Service Thumbs Up 5: The lady supervisor came to us after awhile and told us that she would deduct the mango drink away from our receipt. HOW NICE!!! the mango drink costed $6 leh. and she offered to deduct it from our bill~! Where do you find such services?

I wanted to say that brocolli looks like TREES, but i dont know why the hell i said wrongly and said FISH. Jessica laughed at me.

Played with food. JESSICA's the mastermind and im the accomplice. Nice curly hairs. LOL.

Desserts Time! i had strawberry icecream and jessica had vanilla. It was nice icecream!

I think this photo of Jessica is nice. Of course lah, I'm the photographer leh! haha.

I think the food should come one by one because the main course came almost right after the soup, and that left us abandoning our soups for the main course.

Overall, i really like the place because of the very sincere and concentrated service. They were really alert for their customers. The food is decent and the prices aren't very expensive, considering their service! (Our receipt was around $40)

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