Friday, November 23, 2007

"Where are we going?" i asked.
"Dont know. Just walk walk lor." He said.

We walked down the corridor of citylink. i thought we were going to Marina Square for dinner. But he stopped midway and brought me to Esplanade. I complained about the amount of stairs i have to climb.

Then, we reached the place where we could look at the seaview. To be exact, River view. Singapore river is just afew swims away! While i was looking at the waters, he came up behind me and...

"Close your eyes", he said.
I opened my eyes larger to piss him. Heh.
"Close your eyes..." he said, "Cannot open ah".

I closed my eyes and one second later, i felt someone behind me putting something cold on my neck.

Boyfriend bought a necklace for me.

Actually what im happy about is not the monetary value of the necklace. It was his sincerity. He said before that he isn't a very romantic person, and he dont know how to do those sweet things for girlfriends. I told him before that i expect boyfriends to be really sweet to me and i love romantic stuffs.

He remembers what i said, and went out of his way just to do something romantic for me. It's because he isn't someone who would do this kind of stuffs, and that's what makes it so special. He's silly, but i love him this way. Hee. I see his efforts!
I love it lots :)

Went to have fishsoup after that. Damn nice luh, got fried fish and steamed fish. My two favourites all in one big hot bowl :D Ohya, also have my favourite TOFU!

I randomly said that i want to eat Fried Egg because i saw the signboard pictures, and boyfriend was so thoughtful to add it for me. Awww. Had lasagne this morning. The cheese on top was nice but that's all =X
Boyfriend is going to bring me home later :)
yay yay yay.

Crumply Grey Dress!
Quote me a price and i'll sell this to you!
It'll be longer if you dont put the belt.
less than $20 ^^ (without the belt)
Highest bid and fastest deal will get it :D

I have lots to blog about but the photos are not with me! grr.

Do you know how much heartache i feel when i read about how much pain you went through for her? I know you put in more effort for me, but... aiya, maybe im too sensitive.

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