Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grrr. I hate contact lenses.
I wasted alot of time putting on my contact lens this morning and had to take a cab to school because there's a graded test which i missed the previous time, and i had to be there today.

My stupid eyeballs just wont stick to the contact lenses. Or maybe i should say, the stupid contact lenses wouldn't be good and stick to my eyeballs.

I hate the way i waste away the money that bf gave me to buy dresses with. Went out with Jessica yesterday and spent money on useless things like food, cabfare and NOT shopping! I think it's great to spend money on material-things like clothes, makeups or maybe even good food although it gives me fats, but it's super wastage to have to pay it on taxifares, especially JUST TO GO TO SCHOOL.

Pasir Ris, my home. Woodlands, my school. The money is almost enough to pay for a new foundation. Gah. i LOVE travelling on taxi except when im the one paying. Mum doesn't give me taxi allowance, and i dont have a job to support cabfares okay.

Alright, here is a photo taken yesterday. Will post up the VERY camwhore photos of me and jessica tomorrow. It's super many :D

(disclaimer: This photo is photoshopped. Freckles & eyebags deleted, skin colour whitened)

The scars at the back of my legs that were caused by those itching panadols are damn ugly!!

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