Sunday, November 11, 2007

THIS IS A FISH!! Okay, i just got bored and went to take a photo of this sticker at my bathroom's wall.


All $10 and below!
Fast deals please :)
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Image1 - White babydoll top ( can be worn as dress if you are short enough)

Image2- Fake double-layered long bubble top.

Image3- White dress! (belt not included- losted it )
Image4- Spagetti-strap top. Dark Blue.

i've nothing interesting to blog about.

Shall update abit about my recent days!

Met JS on his nightsout and went to buy prepaid card so that i can sms bf more. Hee. I have been over my limits in my handphone bill and daddy is going bonkers. It has been a long time since i last saw JS! The last time was more than 2 years ago!

Ate Macdonalds.
Walked around abit and he accompanied me back home.

Ignore the stupid caption on the photo. I just wanted to emphasize that it's SMUDGED EYELINER. Not eyebags. My eyebags aren't that bad.

Met up with Fred after school that day to get extra hp from him. Both of us were bored so we went to eat Macdonalds! (it was my 3rd macdonalds that week. the first was with fiona, then with JS, den with fred! omg. fats! haha)

Long Long fry.

His friend came to join us. I forgot his name. Hahahaha. Im super bad at remembering names!
For the whole meal we were discussing about where would be nice to go. I think in the end we didn't arrive to any conclusion. LOL.

Early in the morning.


Visited cousin. He's damn cute!


The girls in my class and me went crazy over candies one day and bought many candies to the classroom to have a candy feast! I LOVE GUMMIES.


okay, i guess im really boring =X
Here's my boring and SIANED look!

I love the way my boyfriend hugs me from the back.
( okay, i know this icon is a girl hugging a guy, but isn't the icon damn cute??!! I think i shouted "Ke Ai !!!" over it for dont know how many thousand times. haha. )

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