Thursday, November 22, 2007

This morning's bus to school was super packed and rocky. The bus driver would suddenly stop, move afew cm, and stop again. It was very difficult to stand properly with a handphone on my one hand smsing boyfriend, and another hand holding a very-heavy laptop. I'm a clumsy person whenever im holding my laptop, so you know how many times i almost fell down or drop my laptop. A very kind auntie sitting in front of me volunteered to hold my laptop for me. Very thankful to her! :D

Ate ben&jerry with boyfriend last week. yums!

Dont really like CherryGarcia. Has a funny taste.

Boyfriend suggested watching a movie, and so off we went to the theatre! The only show available was STARDUST, and we watched that!

It's damn nice lah, very magically and fairytaley :)
A very good movie for dates. Hehe.
The main actress and main actor. Claire Danes and Charlie Cox.The supporting actress Sienna Millar is SUPER DUPER CHIO!! looks very perfect leh... especially in the movie, where she was the village prettiest girl.
After the movie we went to have dinner at FIN!

I think he looks way older than his age. Heh.
He ordered Mussels. I DONT LIKE MUSSELS!

For main course he had seefood basket. Sotongs, fish, prawns and fries! Nice.
I had this. I forgot what it is called already. It's a snapper fish!
Strawberry and Peach!

And this song is for boyfriend :D
F.I.R - San Ge Xin Yuan

More recommendations for compact digicams please! add a sample photo taken from it if you have too! thanks alot :D

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